Second day of new QQQ short term up-trend; bought TQQQ


I nibbled a little at TQQQ; I couldn’t resist! If we get to a 5th day of the short term   up-trend I will buy more. TQQQ is a leveraged bullish ETF that tracks 3X the movement of the QQQ. Other less risky alternatives are QLD (2X) or just the QQQ itself. TQQQ advanced +2.07% on Monday, compared with +.71% for QQQ and +1.4% for QLD.   Pick your poison!   (Click on chart to enlarge.)


2 thoughts on “Second day of new QQQ short term up-trend; bought TQQQ”

  1. Hi Dr. Wish, Hope all is well. The only thing I will say is notice that the volume of your three up days is half of the two days the market took a decline. Kind of a skunk rally to me. But I guess we trade the as we see them.

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