New $QQQ short term up-trend; $GLD still turning up? $TSLA has green line break-out


Monday’s close marked the beginning of a new QQQ short term up-trend.   The GMI remains on a Sell signal for now, however.   I got out of SQQQ and bought a little TQQQ.   If the new up-trend persists through Friday, I will be more confident of this new up-trend………..

Meanwhile GLD still looks like it is turning.   In this daily chart, note the 30 day average (red line) is now curving up. But given that GLD touched its upper 15/2 Bollinger Band on Monday, it may pull back a little.


TSLA had a green line break-out on Monday on above average volume.   Check out this daily chart. (click on to enlarge)


1 thought on “New $QQQ short term up-trend; $GLD still turning up? $TSLA has green line break-out”

  1. TSLA might be getting some traction (pun intended) from the Chinese government announcement that the battery car subsidy cuts will not be as deep as first reported.

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