18th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $T2108 closer to over bought; $BRKB–green line break-out


All of my GMI and GMI-2 indicators are now positive. One concern, however,   is that the T2108 Worden indicator is now at 77%.   This means that 77% of the NYSE stocks closed above their average price over the last 40 days.     The closer T2108 is to 90% the more over bought the market tends to be. Check out this monthly chart of T2108, available in the Worden TC2000 software.


Bought some BRKB on Thursday.   It had a nice green line break-out to an all-time high on above average volume. Check out its weekly chart.

BRKBgreenline break-out03062014

And its daily chart.


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