23rd day of $QQQ short term up-trend; strength in $INVN; mainly in cash


Short and longer term trends remain up—for now. IBD now sees the market “uptrend under pressure.” While I remain 100% invested in mutual funds in my university pension, which I cannot trade often, I am largely in cash in my trading accounts. GLD has been very strong and my   holdings in GLD and NUGT   will be called away Friday as the weekly calls I sold expire way in the money.   GLD may be too extended for me to buy back and write calls again on Monday.   I sold half of my position in TQQQ on Friday morning because too many stocks that have broken out reversed below their break-out levels. The longer term market up-trend is still in place and I will buy back into the market when this weakness is over….

Recent green line break out INVN managed to rise on Thursday on above average volume.   INVN is worth watching for future purchase because of its unusual strength in a down market..


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