9th day of $QQQ short term down-trend


The QQQ failed to hold its critical 30 day average on Thursday.   Its short term down-trend remains intact. There is still a divergence between the QQQ and the SPY and DIA. We will know soon which group is leading the market.

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  1. TC2000 has three different types of moving averages: simple, exponential and front weighted. Which type of moving average do you use with the QQQ 30 day moving average? Is there a reason why you use one over the others?

    Which GMI factor caused it to drop from 5 to 4?

    Thanks in advance for your insight.

  2. If GMI flashed a buy signal a few days ago, why is that the short-term down trend days count is continuing? I was under the impression that the GMI signals triggered the ST down-trend days count. What drives the ST down-trend days counter reset?


  3. I’m confused! I thought the short-term downtrend was signalled when the GMI-2 hit below 4 and that after two days of being below 4 it was a confirmed sell. Then when the GMI-2 hit above 4 for two consecutive days, it became a Buy. Do I have this wrong? On Wed & Thurs of this week, the GMI-2 was a 7. I’m confused why this wasn’t considered the start of a new uptrend???

  4. Well I read and re-read Sunday night’s post and I still don’t see where you have explained the criteria for the GMI-2. Also read the link underneath the GMI where it says “What is the GMI?”. Is there anywhere else on your site that explains the GMI-2 signals?

  5. Tori13,

    I believe Dr. Wish is talking about this coming Sunday’s post based upon his answer to my question. His weekend post tends to be very detailed and he provides a list of all the GMI and GMI2 factors.

    In answer to your question, the following information below may be helpful.

    You can learn more about the GMI indicators by putting your cursor on “What is the GMI?” and clicking on it. This phrase is to the left and near the bottom of the image that resembles a yield sign.

    Another way to find this is to select the Popular tab of web posts (on the right hands side of the blog) and select “The Wishing Wealth General Market Index (GMI).”

    The GMI2 currently consists of 8 factors. You can read a brief discussion about this in the Post Archives. Select Post Archives at the top right hand side of the blog. Then select August 2013 and scroll down the page to Aug 25 13. Click on the phrase “QQQ remains in Stage 2 up-trend; GMI2=8 (of 8).” This post describes the last time Dr. Wish changed the GMI2 to the current 8 factors. Previously it was 6 and before that it was 10.

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