Correction to GMI count


The GMI count was 3 at last Thursday’s close, not 4 as I had posted.   The GMI closed at 4 on Monday and another up day on Tuesday will trigger a GMI Buy signal. Check out yesterday’s GMI table for the accurate count. Sorry for the confusion. IBD still sees the market in a correction.

2 thoughts on “Correction to GMI count”

  1. Don’t forget your comments on 4/13 regarding the head and shoulders. This could be a move up to 89 in the QQQ (~3%) which would complete the pattern. Volume has been soft on this rise as well.

  2. The DJ-20 Transport Ave is at all time highs today, the SPY is above the 50 day moving average, the Energy sector is working, and the QQQ’s are getting a little more attention. The SPY is approaching the top of the “trading box” or overhead resistance as some prefer to call the chart. Other than enduring the current portfolio chop, I am seeing a pulse in this market earnings season.

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