11th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; have treasury bonds peaked?


This daily chart of TLT, the ETF of the 20 year treasury bonds, is showing possible signs of the long awaited bottom in interest rates.


As is IEF, the ETF for the 7-10 year treasury bonds.


The price of bonds falls as investors fear a rise in interest rates.

2 thoughts on “11th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; have treasury bonds peaked?”

  1. What would drive you to take a position in TBT? Is it this kind of action or do you need more follow through?

    I charted the 30-day and 10-week EMA and noticed TBT is above one and about to cross the next. You have often referred to these averages because they “work for you;” as a less experienced investor I often look to these now to learn what works for me.

    Does it matter to you if you use SMA or EMA?

    And thanks for everything! Your blog has been the single most influential and inspirational resource in my (limited) investing career. I’m slowly working my way through your recommended reading, and it has helped me see things in a different, and I think better, way.

    Kind regards.

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