1 thought on “15th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; Beware of $TSLA and $SNDK”

  1. again out of curiosity…
    TSLA, from 10/14/2011 (when there is enough data for the long EMAs):

    RWB*: Profit 495%, MaxDD 36%
    (buy when short EMA above all long EMA, sell when short below all long)

    RWB**: Profit 454%, MaxDD 36%
    (same buy rule, but sell when the short EMAs are under the just the highest long EMA)

    B&H: Profit 626%, MaxDD 36%

    For SNDK:
    RWB*: 254%, MaxDD 84%
    RWB**: 242%, MaxDD 83%
    B&H: Profit 1755%, MaxDD 93%

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