13th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $PTLA , $IMAX and $SYNA shine.


Many of you wrote me to ask whether you can receive my TC2000 alert emails. I send them only to students in my university class on technical analysis. I have trained my students to understand my approach and how to interpret my signals. One day I might offer my course and the alerts   to a wider audience.

PTLA is a biotech that my stock buddy, Judy, first told me about. It has had a green line break-out, a subsequent consolidation, and is now rising again. I own it.

PTLA05282015Remember I wrote about IMAX when it had a green line break-out. Look at Thursday’s action!

IMAX05282015Note the many high volume up-days (black volume spikes) since April leading into the green line break-out.   Traders with deep pockets were buying before the big announcement. By reading the chart signals one could ride along with them.

SYNA is another recent successful green line break-out.

SYNA05282015I sell any green line break-out that declines back below its green line, and buy it back if it comes back above it. To see a webinar I did on green line break-outs, go to the link on the right for my December 2012 webinar.





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