Markets bounce and hold–it’s all Greek to me……


When the markets open strongly down, I look for stocks in my watch-list that are holding up.   There were a number on Monday that showed great relative strength and I nibbled at them. These include OPK, ITCI, AMBA, PANW, and INGN.   If they hold, I will add to my positions. If they fail I will sell them immediately. I also bought a little TQQQ. I must preserve my trading capital. So I do not marry my stocks and separate from each one immediately if it misbehaves. The fact that the market held on Monday in the face of the Greek no-vote is a sign of strength. When the market fails to go down on bad news, it is telegraphing strength. We might see a rally into earnings and then a decline into September/October as the Fed readies to raise rates. IBD notes that the put/call ratio has been holding above 1.0. Extreme bearishness among option traders is a great contrary sign of impending strength. And with an oversold 10.4 daily stochastic of 22.72 in the QQQ (up from 17 on July 2nd) , we are in the area where the QQQ usually rebounds. Hence my purchase of TQQQ, the 3X bullish leveraged ETF for the QQQ.


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