8th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $T is HUGE!


The T2108 is at 76%!  Another strong day and the GMI could flash a Buy signal on Thursday. Meanwhile, I am holding some TQQQ during this bounce.

This monthly chart shows that T is breaking out of a multi-year consolidation. My millennial son and former Apple Genius, Mike,  says that T is opening up a whole new way to get TV on his phone. He says this is HUGE! With a dividend yield of 5.2% and a promising chart, I thought it a good idea to buy some T on Wednesday.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 8.37.18 PM


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  1. I also have bought quite a bit of TQQQ in the past few weeks. Have made a nice-nice-nice sum in the process. I used the T2108 to spot the low and have ridden it up – Started buying at a T2108 reading of 25 – just after it started to move up (GMI-2 was moving up also). Bought the right security at the right time – and I give you all the credit. Thank you for ur help full in-site into the screaming buy signal when the T2108 dives down to oversold conditions. I started to reduce my 3x holdings today and will end my 3x holdings tomorrow morning. Will start moving into more traditional 1x (QQQ, SPY, DIA) holdings beginning tomorrow since the GMI is now 4. Thanks again.

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