GMI at 6 (of 6)! A promising TC2000 scan for launched rockets


For the first time since December 2, the GMI is at 6. All of my GMI indicators are positive.

I ran a TC2000 scan Wednesday night that looked for stocks that have doubled from their low price of the past year, are near their 52 week high and have signs of a strong long term up-trend. They also had to close above $15 and traded at least 100,000 shares on Wednesday. Only 9 stocks out of roughly 5,000 met these criteria. The top 5 have a blue flag to the left because they were mentioned at some point by IBD. All 9 stocks identified appear below. Not all of these stocks meet my set-ups for a purchase right now, but I think they are all worth researching and monitoring. Let me know if you find something out about them. Have fun!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.22.11 PM

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