Three recent GLB stocks at ATH (all-time high): $MNRO $HELE $UAL


When the market is weak it is easier to find potential new leaders. Any stock that can come through the recent market weakness at an ATH is worth researching for purchase when the market trend turns up. Someone is accumulating them. Note each had a recent GLB (green line break-out, see glossary) and all have recent quarterly earnings up 25% or more.



1 thought on “Three recent GLB stocks at ATH (all-time high): $MNRO $HELE $UAL”

  1. Good point about strength in the midst of struggle. However, UAL is more about plummeting oil prices, in my opinion. It’s important to note that oil also tends to be in step with economic growth–more demand with a stronger economy and less with a weaker economy. Oil and UAL might be an interesting one to investigate for a long short pairs trade in some form or even the Canadian Dollar.

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