GMI on verge of turning Green; GLB: $SHAK


The markets appear to be strengthening. A solid day on Thursday could also create a new QQQ short term up-trend. A number of stocks look promising. After the excitement of SHAK’s IPO in January, 2015, the stock retreated from a high of 96.75 to a low of 30.12 in September 2017. SHAK has now had a GLB to an all-time high.  This monthly chart shows the pattern. I often buy an IPO that forms a green line top when it eventually breaks above it.

The GLB actually occurred a few days ago, rested,  and the stock took off on Wednesday. I bought some and will sell if the stock closes back below its green line. I tweeted about SHAK intraday on Wednesday. Sign up for my tweets: @wishingwealth

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