2 thoughts on “23rd day of $QQQ short term down-trend, still in daily BWR down-trend”

  1. Hello, for someone who is young, new to the stock market, and looking to move some funds into the stock market, do you have any recommendations on how to go about putting money in / when to put money in? Do you have any thoughts on if it Is it better to incrementally put money in as the market declines (for example every 10% fall put a certain amount in and as it continues to fall put a larger amount of money in each time) versus waiting for the RWB pattern to re-emerge and then putting money in? I would be looking at buying ETFs such as QQQ and SPY and not individual stocks. Any insight onto thought process on this would be greatly appreciated!


  2. I’d wait until the GMI signal turns green and we have a confirmed uptrend to invest. If you think of it like momentum, you’d probably want to wait until we’re in a favorable market and then put money in so you can ride the wave up. If you really want to put money in soon, I’d watch the Bears/Bulls intelligence survey. If there’s more bears than bulls (like there was yesterday), it could signal a market bottom and in that case it could be an opportunity to enter some money.

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