$CHWY retests GLB and goes on to ATH (all-time high)


I told you I love to buy things at Chewy for my newly inherited mini labradoodle. Chewy has competitive prices and outstanding customer service. They report earnings on June 9 and probably have benefited from online commerce. I have a position. Note the 2 green dot signals at the perfect time. (There are also several black dot signals, which tend to occur sooner.) I have defined green dot signals but am not ready to release the black dot details, which I am still testing.



2 thoughts on “$CHWY retests GLB and goes on to ATH (all-time high)”

  1. Question 2: If the Green Dot on May 22nd triggered you to re-buy, but then May 27th should have triggered a sell as the price broke below the 5 day low (38.15) before the green dot as it went all the way down intraday to 36.65. Please help me understand your teachings better, thank you!

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