Blog post: Day 20 of $QQQ short term up-trend; Watching $SEDG as it nears green line top, will it break through to an all time high? If so, I will tweet out an alert intraday, if you follow me @wishingwealth. Thanks to MarketSmith for alerting me to SEDG


I put an alert in TC2000 to text me if SEDG has a GLB (green line break-out). I intend to tweet it out as soon as I get the signal. Solar has been hot lately, (pun intended). See the weekly chart below.  MarketSmith  listed  SEDG  under their Stock Ideas tab as  a stock near  a Cup  with  Handle pivot.  MarketSmith is a great tool that my students are learning to use.

The GMI remains on a Green signal at 6 (of 6).

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