Blog Post: Day 22 of $QQQ short term down-trend; Here are a set of tutorials by my late co-instructor that teach you how to construct charts using TC2000; See $QQQ and $ARKK in BWR down-trends


I have recently discovered  a Youtube site (The Restless Page) that my late co-instructor, David, built that shows you how to add some of my indicators and create Guppy charts etc. using TC2000. I have used TC2000 for over 20 years and it is easy to use,  because I can!  I hope you enjoy them. Here is a weekly Guppy chart of QQQ showing it has entered a BWR down-trend (all short term averages , red lines, are declining below longer term averages, blue lines, with a white space separating them).

Here is ARKK, which is in much worse technical shape.

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