Blog post: Day 21 of $QQQ short term up-trend; GMI has been 6 out of 6 for 4 days; set-ups are working, look at $AAPL and create your own and share it!


I have written before that the best time for me to go long is when the GMI is on a Green signal. It has been Green since 7/21. Since then QQQ has advanced +8.35% and 83% of its stocks have gone up. The median change of the Nasdaq100 stocks is +7.5%.   The GMI rose to 6 (of 6) on August 10 and my set-ups are working again.

Study this daily chart of AAPL with its exponential 8 and 21 moving averages and see if you can make up rules for trading a rising stock. When would you buy and when would you sell? Next test them out on other stocks to confirm you have something tradable. Share your set-up with others in your comments. Last post I gave you a hint on what I do.




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