Blog Post: Day 16 of $QQQ short term up-trend; 54 new US highs and 46 lows; $COCO reaches another ATH, see accumulation in daily chart and IPO break-out, COCO is riding its 4 wk avg, see 3 charts


COCO had a GLB on 3/24 and the volume shows spikes of buying since February. MarketSmith says COCO has a Comp Rating=94 and AccDis Rating =A+.  RS=99.  I like the fact that COCO is  now 3x its lowest price the past year. And 2023 earnings are projected to rise +371%.  Here are the daily, monthly and weekly charts. I have a small position in COCO. COCO is right up against its 15.2 upper Bollinger band and may be extended now. It finds support at its 8 EMA, the upper dotted line.

The monthly chart shows COCO to have an IPO break-out pattern.

This weekly chart shows COCO riding its 4 wk avg, the red dotted line.

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