Blog Post: Day 11 of $QQQ short term up-trend; 62 US new highs and 38 lows; End of quarter window dressing could help strong stocks rise; 11 stocks on my growth list hit an ATH on Thursday, see list and weekly chart of $CEIX


These stocks are on my watchlist of stocks recently on IBD or Market Smith lists, that hit an ATH on Thursday. They are sorted by c/lowest price last 250 days. CEIX and FIX are 2x their yearly lows. BAM is a recent IPO and traded above its green line but did not close above it on Thursday.

This weekly chart shows how CEIX has advanced for 6 straight weeks after its GLB. Note how it tracked its 4 week average.


End of quarter mutual fund window dressing period is coming up. Stocks that have advanced the most this quarter may be bought up by funds so that their quarterly reports to holders make them look like smart stock pickers. However, a government shut-down could torpedo such a pattern.

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