Blog Post: $QQQ short term up-trend could end Friday; Meanwhile, $QS rockets higher on battery test results. I don’t mean to plug it but the results are electrifying. See daily chart and how I found out about it.


More than a year ago, my stock buddy, Judy, told me about QS. Judy had researched the company and was excited about the solid-state battery they were developing. This morning she called me to say that QS was rocketing higher on news with enormous trading volume and that I should buy some. She also noted that QS had a high short interest ratio signifying that many speculators will need to rush to buy shares to cover their short positions. So I bought a little at $8.02. QS subsequently ran up today to $10.03. I am holding the shares long term because, according to the news, the company’s tests of their battery have exceeded expectations and it may eventually become a major breakthrough product for EVs. Apparently Volkswagen agrees  since it has a position in QS. Way to go Judy! (The blue and black dots on the chart are my oversold bounce indicators and the “N” means I wrote a note after the purchase.) As with all new products there is risk from other competitors and it will likely take a while for the battery to be ready for mass production.

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