Blog Post: Day 17 of $QQQ short term up-trend; Last night I showed how to identify a GLB and my Black, Green and Blue dot setups; This chart of $VRT shows how to buy a stock after the GLB using these setups; watch for the session recording


At the IBD Meetup last night I showed how to spot a GLB and explained how to use my green/black/blue dot setups. These are oversold bounces. I meant to say if one missed buying near when the GLB occurred, they could wait to buy it later if it had a green/black or blue dot setup. The chart of VRT shows the GLB last August. Note the many subsequent setups (dots) at which  one could have purchased it.  Thank you, Judy, for leading me to this example. I am in the process of making the recording of my remarks available to all. Stay tuned.


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