Webinar is archived and available; Get a copy of my TC2007 scan


The response to my webinar with Julia Ormond, of Worden, was very gratifying.   I described a scan that I use to find a stock rebounding from an oversold condition.     It employs an oversold stochastic together with a bounce from, or break out   above the 30 day moving average.   If you would like a copy of the scan I demonstrated, simply click here for the PDF.

10 thoughts on “Webinar is archived and available; Get a copy of my TC2007 scan”

  1. I enjoyed your webinar very much. I have been trying to use stage analysis in IBD universe of stocks and your webinar really opened up things for me. Thanks for sharing your scans and thanks again for the webinar.

    One quick question. Do you look at divergences between price and indicators. When you were showing ISRG chart during the webinar I noticed that there was very clear divergence between price and Stochastic as well as price and MACD histogram. When ISRG price was making a new low on April 8th, both the stoch and MACD hist did not make a new low.

  2. In 1988 I joined Telephone Swith news letter, getting into and out of mutual funds that crossed 39 wk moving average. I remember thinking the best feeling was not being in the market when going up, but out of the market when going down.
    Thanks for your presentation. It was very informative and enlighting.

  3. Dr. Wish:

    What day does the GMI, GMI-R and Worden T2108 reflect? For example do you usually post any or all of the three in the morning, afternoon or night reflecting the same day or previous day?



  4. Dr. Wish, I watched the webinar and it was a great refresher after taking your course in 2006! Thanks very much for your efforts and your generosity in sharing your tools and methods to help others.

  5. Kerry:

    You will have to add the New America and IBD100 stocks manually to your own watchlist. Every Friday IBD publishes an archive list of New America stocks written about during the past few months.

  6. Dr. Wish, just curious if you personally use the IBD tables subscription, the paper, or the online IBD to update your IBD 100 watch list? It seems like it would be time consuming to use anything other than the IBD tables list, but it gets kind of expensive if you do the paper, tables, and online IBD plus subscribe to Telescan.

  7. Gary: I use the investors.com website to bring up the iBD100 list. While I know one could automatically import the symbols into TC2007, I prefer to manually enter them. By doing so, I am more likely to remember the individual stocks later as I do scans and research.

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