New up-trend is imminent? Going long–gradually


The GMI is now at 3 and the GMI-R is 6.   As I wrote yesterday, it was possible that the major indexes would turn and break through their key moving averages.   This happened, and if the QQQQ holds on Wednesday, I will start a new short term up-trend count.   I like the QQQQ to stay above its key average for two days before I identify a change in trend.   The fact that the Worden T2108 Indicator is recovering, now at 42%, suggests a meaningful swing to the bull side. 94% of the NASDAQ 100 stocks have their MACD above its signal line, a sign of short term strength.   Many pundits are talking about the possibility that this rise is just   forming   the right shoulder of a head and shoulders top. The fact that many predict this top, makes me more skeptical that it is true.   So I have closed out my shorts and have taken beginning positions in QLD and a few growth stocks.   If this rally continues, I will add to these positions.   If the up-trend fails, I will sell out.

4 thoughts on “New up-trend is imminent? Going long–gradually”

  1. Hello Dr Wish,

    Since quite a while, I follow your facinating webblog.
    Today, you talked about adding to your long positions.
    I just wondered what your criteria are for a buysignal?

    Thanks in advance and all the best,

    Pieter Nijsten

  2. Having followed your site for 5-6 years, I find your signals very good, especially in scaling in and out.

    I have spent some time trying to emulate your signals and believe I have found one that is accurate with a plus/minus of 2 days.

    Good thing is that is works for most all ETFs (t2108).

    Since you use TC2007(or variation)..
    It is exponential 4dma x 17ma, up or down. You can tighten/length signal by a day or so by using 18 – 24 dma as the longer average.

    Could be a nice student effort to correlate the accuracy with your signals. Of course, your signals beging to give warnings about getting in/out. and this doesnt..

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