On the sidelines, mainly in cash–defensive


GMI and GMI-R are now both 1. Wednesday was the 9th day of the current QQQQ short term down-trend.   30 week average is starting to curve down–this typically happens at the beginning of a major down-trend. The Worden T2108, at 42%, is far from oversold territory where bottoms typically occur. We must be very careful. and on the defensive.

4 thoughts on “On the sidelines, mainly in cash–defensive”

  1. You mentioned in worden webinar that you keep a list of IBD stocks that show up in IBD100 and New America. I am wondering how you determine that certain stock should be dropped from that list. Is it based on time (such that after two years, it drops off the list) or any other technical/fundamental criteria.
    Thank you very much for the valuable information you shared on the webinar.

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