Up-trend reaches 35th day; RWB rocket stock: DLTR


There were 447 new 52 week highs in my universe of 4,000 stocks on Monday.   For now, GLD has bounced off of support.   Another RWB rocket stock: DLTR.

3 thoughts on “Up-trend reaches 35th day; RWB rocket stock: DLTR”

  1. Hi Dr. Wish,

    Are you concerned about the markets future health since AAPL has lost steam ever since the results. The fact that apple has not been able to rebound really concerns me as it is it seems as it is an omen that the uptredn we have experienced my be nearing the end.

  2. The only one I still have is AAPL, bought at $160 per share months ago before you put in your watch list. Have you ever bot it? To David R: No, I never short anything!

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