14th day of QQQQ short term up-trend; A Judy pick: TDSC


I thought I would mention a stock that my stock buddy, Judy, recently told me about.   Judy, who trades on concept and technicals, likes TDSC.   Judy is an avid reader and she thoroughly researches emerging technologies, looking for interesting stocks.   She is patient and usually buys new technologies long before others discover them.   So, I bought a little of TDSC to hold for a while. Note that TDSC also already has a weekly RWB rocket stock pattern. It recently broke out of a 14 year trading range, but is well below its all-time high of $51 reached in 1989.   You may want to go ahead and research TDSC.

10 thoughts on “14th day of QQQQ short term up-trend; A Judy pick: TDSC”

  1. dr. i made this request before,when your friend went to teach your university class. could you write a post as to what her methods for finding and selecting stocks are.

  2. Leon,
    I would probably be the better person to explain my methods.
    The explanation would not fit in this little box, When I talk to Dr Wish’s class I always use the maximum time and still have much more to say. I am toying with the idea of teaching a seminar jointly with Dr Wish if there is enough interest and time . Judy

  3. Dr Wish, I just had a long ride upwards on AAPL; bought it at $60 long ago, then more shares at lows $230, but today sold all my shares at $323. I am getting the impression that AAPL has reached its apex. What do you think? Judy, please let me know when you teach the seminar; I’d like to attend. I took Dr Wish course 3 yrs ago.

  4. Eric, wish I had read your post earlier. I just bought into TTM earlier this week as part of my annual rebalance. Bought it without an understanding of fundamentals but based on its continuing blue chip status on the BSE. We’ll see!

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