ARMH cup-with-handle break-out


Well, I do not frequently talk about specific stocks that may break out.   However, yesterday I wrote that ARMH looked like a possible cup-with-handle base. Go back to Monday’s post and look at the daily chart of ARMH.   Then look at Tuesday’s chart below. ARMH lost no time breaking above the handle high (horizontal red line).   Given the increased share volume on Monday, this may be the beginning of a nice rise.

7 thoughts on “ARMH cup-with-handle break-out”

  1. Thank you Jeff W. I was able to get it working at home. I am guessing that my company’s firewall is blocking something at work. I should probably be working at work anyway. 🙂

  2. Dr. Wish,
    I enjoy your blog and check your indicators daily, it would be helpful if you were more specific than “I have therefore been riding QLD for a long time. “. While the indicators went positive Nov 19th, you were still “cautious” in early Dec. When did you first enter a new position in QLD. Just trying to get a feel for what you consider the best timing for the indicators. TIA.

  3. I start accumulating QLD when the QQQQ short term up-trend begins. It is now up for 25 days (U-25). By definition, buying QLD on U-1 is most scary because the preceding trend had been down. So I start with a small pilot buy.

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