Judy’s concept stocks rocket up– ARMH, CAVM, APKT, MCP


I really need to set up a “Judy’s Picks” column.   So many of the stocks that she told me about over a year ago have taken off.   Check out ARMH, CAVM, APKT, PANL and FFIV.   Judy tells me that years ago   she bought ISRG   for well under $10. And I watched several years ago as a number of her picks were bought out by other companies. She was the first person to alert me to the concepts of cloud computing and LED’s, long before I heard about them from the media.   A few months ago, Judy told me she wanted to get some shares of a new company coming to market.   She was unable to, but bought some right after the stock started trading.   She was very interested in the concept of rare earths.   So, this past August, Judy told me she bought MCP at around $13.   (See weekly chart of MCP below). If you haven’t already noticed, MCP closed yesterday at $60.70!   I did not buy the stock because it had no long chart history of prices to analyze.   Judy has the unique ability to read a lot of technical material and research and to boil the information down to the key winning concept and stocks for investment.   Judy and I have found that technical analysis, coupled with her extraordinary concept analysis,   often produces   winning results. Judy makes a presentation to the students in my class each semester. We will post a “Judy’s Picks” column soon…….

6 thoughts on “Judy’s concept stocks rocket up– ARMH, CAVM, APKT, MCP”

  1. It’s clear that Judy knows how to pick ’em, but heres the thing, when does she know when to sell them, I have held APKT and ARMH a while ago when you first posted about them, and I was sold out of both, so how does she gauge the timing?

  2. Great! Having Judy’s picks in your column will be a valuable jewel for all your readers. Of course, we shouldn’t go running and buy her picks, but it will be interesting to see them. thanks

  3. im am looking forward to this as well! when will your class be held this upcoming semester? its my last semester at UMD and I would love to sit in on a class or two for a quick refresher!


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