RWB rocket stock: AAPL


I know that most people wish they had purchased AAPL in 2009 and held on for its long run.   I wanted to show you that by plotting its weekly GMMA chart, one might have seen the RWB pattern develop quite early.   As the great Jesse Livermore wrote, the big money   is made by identifying the up-trend (line of least resistance) and staying with it until it ends. Most of us do not have the patience to hang on to a winning stock when it hiccups, especially if we have a large profit at risk.   (Click on chart to enlarge.)

2 thoughts on “RWB rocket stock: AAPL”

  1. I lose a lot of potential gains when I try to anticipate a change in trend rather than wait for definitive signs that it has occurred. Livermore used to say that the big money was made in sitting with a position, not in trading.

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