22nd day of QQQ short term up-trend; T2108: 79%


All indicators remain positive.   However, now that T2108 is at 79%, near extreme territory where past peaks have occurred.   T2108 can get as high as the low 90’s however.

7 thoughts on “22nd day of QQQ short term up-trend; T2108: 79%”

  1. Dr Wish, I’m enjoying your posts.
    You noted on 3-12-11 that you use Stan Weinstein’s Stage 4 decline when the 30 week average falls to sell your university pension because of infrequent ability to trade it. I have a similar situation with restrictions on selling mutual funds in less than 180 days. What other indicators along with the 30 day are used to confirm selling your pension. Thanks in advance. Tom

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  3. I use the GMI with the 30 week average. However, the 30 week average needs to curve down before I exit my main university pension mutual funds. Look at a weekly chart of the QQQ at the major market tops and bottoms and you will get a feel for the signal.

  4. Dr Wish, “Using the GMI with the 30 week average”, do you mean when all the GMI components are NO and each mutual fund in your university pension (curves down) falls below their respective 30 week average you sell them individually? Thanks Tom

  5. I look at the pattern of the major indexes with regard to their 30 week averages. To teach yourself, just look at past market tops and bottoms on a weekly chart. Study Stan Weinstein’s book.

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