21st day of QQQ short term up-trend; RWB rocket stock: LULU


One of my readers keeps writing about his profits in LULU.   Note that LULU is an RWB rocket stock and appeared in the New America column in IBD (NA in chart) twice.   I wrote about LULU in February when it was around 73. Click on weekly chart to enlarge. While LULU has been strong, its daily stochastic appears to be headed down from overbought territory. I therefore would not buy it today.

2 thoughts on “21st day of QQQ short term up-trend; RWB rocket stock: LULU”

  1. Yes, that was me! My LULU entry in Feb was at abt 76.00 and just exited it at $101.30. Thanks again. I’ve been keeping an eye on one of Judy’s pick (LYSCF) to pick up speed to jump in it, but it is not going anywhere! I know you bout some shares of it, but what does Judy say about it now??

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