20th day of QQQ short term up-trend; TQQQ shines again


All of my indicators remain positive.   However, note that the T2108 indicator is at 75%, very close to extreme overbought levels where prior markets have topped out.   A reading near 80% would make me more cautious.   Since the first day of the short term up-trend in the QQQ on March 30, that index has advanced +3.26%, the QLD, +6.44% and the TQQQ, +9.73%.   The TQQQ beat 86% of the Nasdaq 100 stocks. (AAPL was up only +.44% and GOOG was down -7.58%) If I had only jumped on one of these index ETF’s on the first day I identified this up-trend! How many times do I have to learn this lesson?

5 thoughts on “20th day of QQQ short term up-trend; TQQQ shines again”

  1. Hello Dr. Wish,

    Why don’t you compare the rise in 3x Index ETFs (TQQQ, TYH, URTY, etc) to the best performing stocks during that period? TQQQ rose almost 10%, but there has been some other stocks that has risen much more (like TZOO, SINA, SOHU, etc). Is it because you feel those are too hard to find?

    Have you tried having 2 trading accounts, one just for Index ETFs and another one just for growth stocks? And compare how you do on each?

    Thanks for all you do. You have made a huge difference in my trading!


  2. Thank you dr. Wish. I found out that when you’re “cautious” and staying out of the market, as you have been saying for quite some time “cautious”, then I buy stocks. I followed this rationale since January–ex: bought LULU at $76 and have been making some profits. So, thank you.

  3. Carlos: I compare the ETF’s to the Nasdaq 100 stocks to show the probability of any stock in a group of nonfinancical tech stocks beating the ETF’s. I certainly could look at a group of thousands of stocks, which would include some bigger winners, but the percentage beating these ETF’s would still be small. And then you have to find them in advance! I prefer to play the odds.

    Jason: It is true that the trend has remained up even as I was very cautious. But be careful. I was very bearish and out of the market during the huge market declines of 2000-2002 and 2008. If you had stayed with your growth stocks during those times you probably would have been badly hurt. Nevertheless, I am glad that you have recently used me as a contrary indicator for trading profitably.

  4. Dr Wish,

    Thanks for a super informative website. I was just looking around your website and couldn’t find how you define a QQQ short term uptrend. I’m sorry if I missed it in one of your previous posts, but would you mind explaining it?


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