GMI is down to 1, GMI2=0; mainly in cash


The QQQ short term up-trend will end if the index closes below 57.54 again on Wednesday. The T2108 is at 24%, not yet in extreme oversold territory where most large declines end.   I am largely in cash in my trading accounts with a small short position. My university pension money is still in the growth mutual fund, primarily because I do not want to be penalized for market timing.   If I could easily get out, I would reduce my positions.

3 thoughts on “GMI is down to 1, GMI2=0; mainly in cash”

  1. Dr Wish,
    I know you like posting how well the leveraged ETFs have performed in the middle of an uptrend, but I was wondering if you could make a post about how they have performed from start to finish. Of course they will outperform just about anything in the middle of an uptrend, but they will also under-perform just about anything when the uptrend is winding down.

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