GMI back to 4;


The GMI is back to 4 and another up day in the QQQ could raise it to 5 and provide a bull signal.   Meanwhile the QQQ short term down-trend reached day 8 on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “GMI back to 4;”

  1. The stocks I bought 2 months ago, JAZZ and GCO, went zig-zag but gave a big jump in last 3 days. I kept them, did not use the 8% stop rule, and turned out right. Not all stocks went down since Oct, and many went zig-zagging sideways.
    Dr. wish, how can we rely on QQQ or GMI since we are not buying the entire market. We buy 2 or three stocks at a time!! Not all stocks follow the market trend. puzzles me.

  2. While there can be exceptions, most stocks follow the market trend. It makes sense to bet in the direction of the market trend rather than to hope you can find the few that diverge.

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