6th day of QQQ short term up-trend; ASPS falters


The up-trend continues.   Four stocks came up in my new high and good fundamentals scan: ISRG, ARG, WPZ, DXPE.

Not all stocks did well on Wednesday. After about 10 weeks of a rise, ASPS finally weakened.   Note the high volume break below the narrow Bollinger Band consolidation. Click on daily chart to enlarge. The stock has now closed below its critical 30 day average (red line) for the first time since October.



3 thoughts on “6th day of QQQ short term up-trend; ASPS falters”

  1. Am I missing something? Does your reference to the high volume break refer to volume? If so, where is the volume shown on the chart you posted?

    Thanks for a brief reply.

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