18th day of QQQ short term down-trend; housing has turned?


In cash. But check out IBD’s article on resurgence of housing.   I found it after noticing the new home developments that are being initiated near my home. The builders must be sensing renewed demand.

2 thoughts on “18th day of QQQ short term down-trend; housing has turned?”

  1. I don’t think its actually renewed demand. That real level of demand has pretty more or less been there. One perspective on the new housing starts is that much of the remaining inventory that has not been moved yet has not moved because it is junk (houses that need fixing up or the location is not good enough). That and housing is a lot like options in that it is more like a market because there is no liquidity, so the location of areas tends to have a different effect depending on where it is. New home developments are long term things so also if they are just getting started, this was probably initiated a long time ago with permits and such.

  2. Cement contractors in Mich are 3 weeks booked , insul-span panel makers are backed 3 weeks up . Bldg materials ( interior / exterior ) are in short supply as dealers have held little inventory . Length to build and complete stretching out to 6- 7 months on upper end home ( not Mc mansions either ) . I have to agree with article .
    Long time ago for permits ? How bout 2 months ago .

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