3 thoughts on “17th day of QQQ short term down-trend”

  1. Any reason why you didn’t short or buy QID a couple days ago? The signal turned negative again after the brief change due to strong earnings. But now that it is back to negative, why do you say wait for a rebound to short? After the big runup this past few months, is there a need to wait for a rebound when the GMI is so weak?

    Thanks. Just trying to understand.

  2. Great questions. I prefer to short when a stock closes just below its 30 day average. I then cover on a close above the 30 day average, thus risking little. Right now too many stocks have fallen way below their 30 day averages. So I am waiting for them to rise closer to the 30 day average so I can short with minimal risk. You are right, I could have shorted the market when the GMI issued a sell signal. Sometimes I just like to take a break from the market.

  3. I’m still following the idea that the leaders of the rise are below 30 day average. AAPL, CMG, even safe stocks like INTC. I’m short right now but will cover if SP500 goes above 1380

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