Day one of new QQQ short term down-trend


I will become more confident of this new short term down-trend if it can reach day 5.   For now, I own some calls on SQQQ and am almost 100% in cash in my margin account.   Things are too volatile for me to trade right now. The prior 21 day short term up-trend of the QQQ generated no trading profits. Another day with the GMI below 3 will send a GMI Sell signal.   Stay tuned. (I have two types of signals.   The first is the QQQ short term trend count. The second is a more significant general market, GMI signal.   I take both signals into consideration in timing the market.)

1 thought on “Day one of new QQQ short term down-trend”

  1. Good suggestion to be in cash, markets are not trending, they are moving up or down hourly depending on the latest news blip from a politician.

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