QQQ short term up-trend may end on Thursday


IBD now sees market “up-trend under pressure.”   By my count, a flat or down day on Thursday will begin a new short term down-trend in the QQQ.   Note that the GMI-2 declined to 1. I posted mid-day on Wednesday to inform readers that I was reducing my long positions in the QQQ even more.   I now have a small long position and a larger short position in the QQQ leveraged ETF’s.   I am 100% cash in my margin account.   The market volatility scares me in the midst of the political brinksmanship   in Washington. However, the fiscal cliff mess may actually be a cover for a developing bear market.   A rally from a last minute resolution may not last long? The year after a Presidential election sometimes brings a weak market, even without extreme political melodrama.

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  1. QQQ looks ominous for first half of 2013. The behaivior of this stock is mimicking AAPL tick for tick.QQQ will retest 61 and then have a relief rally for January into Feb. One more deep correction is comming for the market. Trade with caution in 2013. We may see a bear market.

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