Indicators close to turning up


The GMI is back to 4 and could flash a Buy signal as early as Friday if the market holds steady.   The QQQ short term down-trend also may reverse up soon.   IBD still sees the market in a correction.   But AAPL is holding up,which bodes well for the QQQ.   And T2108 is rebounding from very over-sold levels. I am ready to begin buying TQQQ if the indicators turn.   With second quarter earnings coming out soon, most stocks will be driven by their earnings and guidance. Here is my stocks at new highs with good recent earnings scan results:

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 11.46.00 AM

Several of these keep coming up in this scan, which is a sign of continued strength.

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  1. the direction of market changes every 3 days. No one knows. IBD is unreliable to determine the market direction. I do my own evaluation. For more details READ MY COMMENT 3 DAYS AGO

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