5 thoughts on “New QQQ short term up-trend; 10 stocks at new highs with great earnings”

  1. Dr. Wish, thanks for all of your insights. Truly valuable. One question I have is if I run the above stocks in IBD’s Stock Checkup, only about half come up with earnings in most recent quarter of >100%. May I ask where you get your fundamental info, since I realize that few services match each other (will never understand why)? Thank you.

  2. Great question. I get my fundamental info for the scan in the TC2000 database. I do not know why results would not agree. Check out a few disparities and let me know what you find.

  3. Dr Wish, one comment and one question. IBD “scrubs” fundamental and make changes to it as they try to reflect economic accounting instead of GAAP accounting. They really do not say what they do, but many data fields are different from TC2000 more often than not.
    The question is how do you scan for IPO’s in TC2000. They do not have this info and all my work arounds have not worked correctly.

    Steve Wish (the other Wish from Boston)

  4. Calculate a PCF like c/c100 The result will yield a null value “….” for any stock that did not exist 100 days ago. Put the PCF in a watchlist column and sort. All null values will be at bottom. For this example, any stock that did not exist 100 days ago would be in the null group at the bottom.

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