6th day of $QQQ short term up-trend; $INGN breathes new life


My great stock picker friend, Judy, knows someone who needs to be on oxygen. Judy   discovered that there is a product made   that is   very mobile,   light weight and has a great battery. She claims that it beats the competition and makes a huge difference to people who must be on oxygen.   So Judy researched the product and identified its manufacturer,   INGN. Judy does very well by picking stocks that have a great concept underlying their product. She bought some INGN.

INGN is a recent IPO and is scheduled to make some investor conference presentations in mid-January.   The stock may therefore be volatile in the coming weeks.   Nevertheless, I bought some INGN. By the way, INGN had a green line break-out in November, consolidated, and then moved up. Check out its weekly chart. It has already doubled.




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