$DWTI and leveraged index ETFs shine again


If I had bought and held these ETFs from January 2 until Tuesday’s close I would have made: DIA: +9.35%; SPY: +13.9% and QQQ: +19.53%.     However the following bullish leveraged QQQ ETFs far out performed these:   QLD: + 42.4% and TQQQ: + 66.01%.   And the 3x leveraged bearish oil commodity ETF beat them all:   DWTI: +235.11%.   How did I miss that one?   Check out the DWTI weekly chart. There was plenty of time to jump on board for the ride.


Happy New Year!

3 thoughts on “$DWTI and leveraged index ETFs shine again”

  1. This chart is definitely a good example of a Weinstein Stage 1 and 2. The 30-week MA was key for resistance, break-out and back-test! USO is probably also a great example of Stages 3 and 4.

  2. Happy New Year to you Dr Wish. I’m retired and live on the west coast but I’d love to take your course some day. Thanks for all you put into this blog-its mighty useful.
    Jim OConnor

  3. Thank you and happy new year to you, Jim. While I do not broadcast my course, you can get the essentials by listening to the December 2012 webinar I gave, the link for which is on my blog.

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