72nd day of $QQQ short term up-trend; rally tomorrow and Sell in May?


The GMI remains at 3 and would have to be below 3 for 2 consecutive days to turn Red. The QQQ remains in  short and longer term up-trends. End of quarter window dressing may begin tomorrow, as the futures look strong tonight. Then on to earnings and to “Sell in May.”

3 thoughts on “72nd day of $QQQ short term up-trend; rally tomorrow and Sell in May?”

  1. I know you follow trends but don’t you think that that the mkts are way over valued with the leverage and debt in the system is many times higher now then anytime in history. This may be the time be get out of the markets. Especially when you see stocks like apple going up 40-50% in fews months on no sales or proft increase and with mk cap of 760Billion larger then GDP of 99% of countries and is based one single product IPhone which makes up 85% of profits and in a saturated cell phone mkt. Also apples debt grew 10x cash form no debt to 110Billion in debt Currently.

    Many companies are leverage with debt and 80% of DOW 30 companies had no rev or profit growth since 2015. With nose-bleeding valuation this high (more than all time except 2001) is it not good to get out and wait for 6 months

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