2 thoughts on “GMI turns Green and new $QQQ short term up-trend”

  1. Dr. Wish – in the case of a BWR daily pattern but a GREEN GMI/GMI2 – which one do you defer to?

    Does the BWR take precedence over the Green GMI (and GMI2) – or vice versa – in terms of stepping into the market?

    Do BOTH criteria (RWB and positive GMI/GMI2) have to be met before you decide that it is “safe” to wade back into the market?

    Additionally, how long do you have to see a RWB daily trend before you think there is a confirmed trend?

    Thank you

  2. Great questions but no set answers or I could program a computer to trade. Depends on my risk tolerance at any time. GMI is a priority because most stocks follow the market trend. Many daily indicators like green dot eventually fail in a down-trend.

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