$TQQQ strategy shines again; 55th day of $QQQ short term up-trend


Since the first day of the QQQ short term up-trend on October 14, QQQ has advanced +11.3%, SPY is up +8.8%, and TQQQ is up +36.3%. AAPL is up +24.5%. Only 4 of the NASADQ 100 stocks did better than TQQQ:  TSLA, AMD, SWKS and SGEN. I assert it is a better bet to buy TQQQ in a new QQQ short term up-trend rather than trying to pick in advance the rare individual stock that will outperform TQQQ.

2 thoughts on “$TQQQ strategy shines again; 55th day of $QQQ short term up-trend”

  1. Dear Dr.Wish, I have followed this strategy for 20% of my portfolio and has been very successful.
    I am curious about the exit rules though. When do you exit?
    When the knife falls, this one falls the fastest.

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