$TENB has GLB and Weekly Green Bar (WGB), turning profitable in 2020.


Weekly Green Bar (WGB):  4wk>10wk>30wk and bounces above 4 week average (red dotted line) and closing higher than prior week.

Monthly chart shows TENB is a recent IPO (2018). It is a turnaround, estimated to be profitable in 2020 with an IBD composite rating=95.

2 thoughts on “$TENB has GLB and Weekly Green Bar (WGB), turning profitable in 2020.”

  1. Hello Mr. Wish;

    I was able to write a script that performs the WGB calculation for me and today i performed a scan and saw some potential stocks: $NIO, $ETSY, $CAT (rebounding back up), $BABA, $TWLO, $SQ, $OLED, $COST, $TTD, $NOW and some others that I need to scan. Anyways once you have identified the stock what’s next step do you need to focus on to determine if its a potential breakout or good stock to buy?

    thank you

  2. I want good fundamentals from IBD or MasrketSmith. No earnings release too soon. The 4wk>10wk>30wk and above last green line top. I like it if the WGB occurs on above average volume. Volume during rise should be higher on up weeks. See if WGB has worked for that stock over the past month or so.

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