Blog Post: Day 42 of $QQQ short term up-trend; 158 US new highs and 31 lows; my stock buddy’s concept stock, $JOBY, takes off, see chart and explanation


My stock buddy, Judy, has an extraordinary ability to pick stocks based on “concept.” She researches companies and studies their products, management and technicals. If she loves a concept she buys VERY early and holds on patiently. She focuses heavily on biotechs and has picked some big winners.  Several years ago, Judy told me about the electric vertical take-off and landing industry (eVTOL) that was just getting off the ground. She said this was a transformative industry that would allow people to travel short distances by an electric vehicle that required small areas to take-off and land. Imagine commuting to an airport or business meeting traveling above all of the commuters on the ground in cars, at 200 miles per hour. She said I should just buy a few shares of each company as a  bookmark and wait to see which one would lead the pack.  So I bought some ACHR, JOBY, LILM, and EVTL.  She knew that some of these companies had airlines, and even the military, investing in them. Think of an electric helicopter without the large blades, an all-electric air taxi! Well it looks like the leader will be JOBY. Look what happened today when they announced that they had received a valuable certifcation from the US government. It will be a while before these vehicles are deployed but I own JOBY and am holding on with my seat belt buckled. Note the massive trading volume on Wednesday. Concept trading can work! Technicals work too! Note the black dots on the chart indicating an oversold bounce (OSB). JOBY’s ATH reached in February, 2021, is $17.00. When/if it passes that price it will be a GLB (green line break-out). But I’m willing to be early on this one too.


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  1. JOBY gap again today. Joby Aviation, Inc. (NYSE:JOBY) is shooting higher Thursday after receiving an investment worth $100 million from South Korea’s leading telecommunications company SK Telecom Co., Ltd. (NYSE:SKM).
    The development paves the way for Joby to participate alongside SKM in Korea’s “K-UAM Grand Challenge,” led by the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, to foster the adoption of aerial ridesharing in Korea.
    “We’re grateful for SKT’s commitment to Joby and look forward to working with them as we develop a transformational air taxi service for Korea,” said JoeBen Bevirt, founder and CEO of Joby Aviation.

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